Our engaging and compassionate care programs offer relief to family members and caregivers, allowing them to go to work, handle personal business or rejuvenate while knowing their loved one is well cared for and safe.  

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care


Our multidisciplinary team members conduct a thorough evaluation of each new participant and propose support services based on their particular needs, goals and desired outcomes. We encourage the family, caregiver, and/or individuals of the participant’s choosing to fully participate in the service planning process. This collective and recurring process is part of our ongoing commitment to each and every participant.

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care

Nursing Services

Our professional nurses’ organizes care, manages medications, observes and monitors participants’ health status and any alterations in their condition. The individual medical, cognitive or mental health condition and risk factors are taken into consideration. In addition, our nursing staff works in partnership with the participant, family and/or caregiver, and primary physician to coordinate and provide total care.

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care

Personal Care Assistance

Our team members provide incessant care under nursing supervision to ensure participants’ safety and protection. Assistance is provided with walking, dressing, grooming, eating and all personal hygiene needs including toileting and continence care. Cleanliness and safety are essential to our quality of care.

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care

Social Services

Our team of social workers engage each participant upon admission to evaluate their social and psychological needs. Social workers act as a liaison with the participant’s family, home and other community agencies. In addition, the social worker provides a home safety assessment and meets with each participant on a frequent basis. Our Social Workers provide a personal touch to each of our participants to keep them connected within the community and make them feel like family.

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care

Therapeutic Activities

Group and individual activities are offered to boost the social, physical and cognitive functioning of the participant. Person-aligned activities are designed to be fun, stimulating, educational and entertaining. Aided participation is provided to those whose frailty or level of cognitive functioning inhibits them from active involvement.

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care

Psychiatric/Psychological Services

Services are provided for the treatment, restoration and stabilization of a diagnosed mental disorder by a licensed mental health professional on staff. Individual and group counseling is provided which seeks to help individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care

Dietary Services

Our Nutritionist is focused on keeping our participants healthy, inside and out. Each participants dietary needs will be assessed to ensuring balanced and safe meals that accommodate and meet the nutritional needs of the individual. Mealtimes are also a great source of social connections – a time to mingle with other participants. We serve a welcoming breakfast starter, hot lunch and afternoon snacks.

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care

Transportation Services

Transportation is provided to and from the participant’s place of residence at no additional cost. Our professional and courteous drivers operate a clean, well-maintained wheelchair-equipped fleet providing additional access to the community. Safety and reliability are of the upmost importance.

Mayfair Adult Day Health Care

Exercise, Cultural and Recreational Activities

All activities have been strategically designed to encourage a balanced healthy approach to daily living, and sometimes… just for fun! Please see our calendar for daily activities.

Our program is designed to prevent participants from being institutionalized and allow them to maintain their personal independence.

“We give the families a break and the program is all-inclusive, we take care of everything from the moment we pick them up.”

~ Tasha, Logistics Coordinator, 22 years